About us

Profiglota d.o.o. was founded in 2005. The company provides foreign language teaching and translation services.

Why Profiglota?
Glotta means language in Greek. Thus, the name of the company reflects our wish to offer to our clients professional language services which include:
foreign language teaching using a highly professional teaching methodology with the student in the centre of our interest
translation of all kinds of texts with strict adherence to set terms

Our target groups:
companies that keep up with the times and recognise the value of their employees by offering them continuous professional development
children and their parents, young people and adults, who are aware of the value of knowing a foreign language
companies doing business in the international markets that need to have their official documents translated

Foreign language learning is a long process. It requires good rapport between the teacher and students. With the knowledge how to motivate students and to monitor their progress, the teacher is the most responsible link in this relationship. Therefore, our expert team have been constantly upgrading their skills, checking their work methods by giving them the right focus.

Modern-day companies see in their employees the most important driver of a company’s development. For that reason, they offer them opportunities for further development of their skills and knowledge. One of the most important skills is, without any doubt, competence in a foreign language. Employees who posses the knowledge of foreign languages make it possible for their company to expand to foreign markets and to earn better company rating.

Our approach is to develop communication skills that our students, who are sent to our courses by companies, need in their everyday business setting. Besides the acquisition of the vocabulary and the grammar structures of the foreign language, we teach our students basic and advance communication skills that are adjusted to their level of foreign language knowledge. First and foremost, classes are so designed as to make students interested in foreign language learning, and, to this end, our teachers give them amusing exercises, encourage their active involvement, and make use of interesting presentations. What is important here is that by spending some time together employees get to know each other better in an informal setting what raises the quality of the company’s team spirit.

Working with children and young people is not only a specially demanding task for us but also a real challenge. Under expert supervision of our teachers, they learn in a happy and creative atmosphere what helps them to optimally acquire the knowledge of the foreign language.

Through play and song they learn about the culture and customs associated with the language of their choice.

Join us on this journey and give your children encouragement on this unforgettable journey!

Dear parents, we did not forget you either. You are more than welcome to our events during the year.

We work hard the whole year round in order to show you the results of our work.

See you at our event marking the end of the course!

Foreign language learning is much more than mastering language structures. It helps you widen your horizons; learn much about the culture, customs and characteristics of the country where the language of your choice is spoken.

We invite you to embark with us on this magic journey of foreign language learning.

You can choose between course in German, English, Italian, French and Russian.

Send us an inquiry, and we will send you back our offer as soon as possible.

Jasmina Štimac, Manager
Professor of German and Russian
Court Interpreter for German