Profiglota d.o.o. has an extensive network of professional translators who are available to translate your document to and from a long list of languages, including English, German, French, Italian, German, Slovenian, Albanian, Hungarian and more.

Our team of translators will provide prompt and smooth translations of documents, reports, presentations, and more. If your project involves a specialist field, or requires particular knowledge we will assure the required quality by engaging the field specialists with a wide range of expertise, able to provide precise and accurate translations of all types of technical material, related to any field. We will ensure that your projects are translated accurately and using current and industry-appropriate terminology.

Certified translations
A certified translation is one that has been verified formally so that it can be utilised and handled as an official document. Items that often require certified translation include:

• Birth, death, marriage, divorce and adoption certificates.
• Academic diplomas or credentials.
• Work, medical and academic transcripts.
• Legal regulatory documents and contracts.

Every form of official documentation has different requirements, so please contact us for further information. We are more than happy to provide advice and solutions to meet your requirements.

Interpreting services
We provide accurate, reliable interpretation services. Our professional interpreters are available to come to offices, conferences, and homes to interpret during meetings, presentations, consultations, and more.

Proofreading services
Profiglota d.o.o. also provides a proofreading service, which is an optional additional service for our translation clients. Proofreading can also be carried out on existing translations or material in any language.

Our proofreaders are experienced and accurate, and will pay particular attention to spelling, typographical errors, grammatical structure, formatting, consistency of style, and use of terminology. Proofreading of translations includes constant reference to the source material.

Your document will be proofread and marked up using the ‘track changes’ function in Microsoft Word, which allows easy navigation of changes and comments. The proof-reader will include all modifications to the original, as well as including comments and suggestions in the margins. When you receive the modified document, it will be easy to find, accept, and reject changes, giving you a perfect final document that meets your requirements.

Please note that if the document is particularly poorly-produced, and the proof-reader requires large parts of the document to be rewritten, or retranslated from scratch, we reserve the right to adjust our fees to reflect regular translation rates.

1 standard page from Croatian – HRK 100.00 (EUR 13.00)
1 standard page from a foreign language to Croatian – HRK 80.00 (EUR 10.00)
1 standard page from one foreign language to another foreign language – HRK 180.00

in Croatian HRK 40.00 (EUR 5.00)
in foreign language HRK 50.00 (EUR 6.50)
translations are submitted by e-mail, fax or on CDs


Consecutive Interpreting – HRK 250.00 (EUR 33.00) per hour
Simultaneous Interpreting – HRK 300.00 (EUR 40.00) per hour

1 standard page from Croatian – HRK 150.00 (EUR 20.00)
1 standard page from a foreign language to Croatian – HRK 150.00 (EUR 20.00)
standard page from one foreign language to another foreign language (other than Croatian) – HRK 150.00 (EUR 20.00)

The prices are VAT exclusive.